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Tradition and passion

Southern Italian Wine…

In Casale di Carinola for more than three generations we produce the noble Falerno wine in our historic cellar dug into the tuff. We use grapes that ripen in our vineyards on the well-known promontory of San Paolo, in the heart of Ager Falernus.

Time has imposed the necessary renovations in both the vineyard and in the winery. The first corporate innovations go back to the beginning of ‘900s with the evolution of oenological technologies and the renewal of vineyards plants.

In 2000 Tony Rossetti and his tireless uncle Francesco Bianchini became the creators of the last corporate innovation, with the baptism of the modern Bianchini Rossetti farm. The philosophy of his farm is simple and clear and it is to produce quality Falerno wine respecting the territory.

The year 2006 marks the starting point: the renewed vines give their precious fruits with which the first bottles were produced. Bianchini Rossetti is today a leading company in the area and established itself on both the domestic and the foreign markets.




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