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The origins

The God Bacchus, under false pretences, asked old Falerno for hospitality; the God, touched by his generosity, made verdant grape-vines grow on the slopes of Massico Mountain. (Sillo Italico) Ager Falernus, also called Agro Falerno, is an area in Northern Campania which includes the current municipalities of Carinola , Cellole, Falciano del Massico, Mondragone and Sessa Aurunca.

This territory is crossed by VIA APPIA and has in its inland the hilly chain Massico, that has volcanic origins. Since ancient times this area is known for the production of fine wines and oils and since immemorial time its economy is based on the agricultural supply chain products, which are characterized by a “certified” quality, a denomination that was used even ahead of its time.

In fact the first testimonies of a “Protected Geographical Indication” referred to products coming exclusively from the Ager Falernus area go back to Roman times. A classical example of this is FALERNO WINE, transported and kept in typical terracotta amphorae, guaranteed by special seals used by the Romans to close the containers, and those seals certified the origin and the year of production. This was a real certified protocol which can be considered a precursor of the modern IGP.

This system allowed the recognition and the mention of “FALERNO WINE” exclusively to the wines produced in and coming from the Ager Falernus area. The amphorae sealed in this way were shipped to different locations all around the world known at that time. Known are the harbours of Sinuessa (current Mondragone), Foce del Garigliano (Sessa Aurunca) and Gianola (Minturno) where the Roman ships were departing from with their precious cargo.





The vineyard

The areas planted with the Ager Falernus wines expanded since forever to the gradual hillocks of features located at the south of Massico mountain and to the neighboring volcanic territories. A typical example is San Paolo hill in the village of Casale di Carinola where today we cultivate our vines, a hill once crossed by a branch of Via Appia, traversed by Saulo of Tarsio in … during his journey to Rome.


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